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you make me wanna LALA in the kitchen.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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(2 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

[30 Jul 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | rawr ]

today i was gonna go with teri bob lotte junior jr nd some other people but ..... id rather go someother time .. so i saw the village with my mommy and yeahh.... i called bob and all i can say is "major growth spurt!!" lols..... yeah wow im soo f'in boring!

(LALA in the kitchen)

about me bitches!! [30 Jul 2004|07:13pm]
[ mood | rawr ]

1. Name:lauren 2. Nicknames:woder woman!! lols... nahh 3. Feet size: 7 4. Do you have a crush yupp 5. Boyfriend? : nope 6. Age you act: i eummo.. you tell me 7. Where Do You Live: california!! knows hot to party.. in the city.. city of la 8. Where you want to live: i eummo..... 9. Birthplace: la... 10. Favorite Salad Dressing: wtf? 11. Ever gone skinny dipping? no.. 12. What are you watching? nothing.... 13. Last person you talked to: mommy!! 14. Favorite movie: i have lots!! 15. Favorite Book: dont have oneee 16. Favorite Type of music: too much to list... anyhting but country and classical i guess 17. Favorite types of cars: fast cars!! vroom vroom 18. Favorite Saying: like and lols 19. Favorite Fast Food: blank 20. Favorite Ice Cream: chocolate? 21. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: dunno 22. When Do You Go To Sleep: depends 23. Most Embarrassing Moment: so many 24. Stupidest Person you know: cant compare 25. Funniest Person you know: james..... i think.. or jorge 26. Favorite holiday: cant compare 27. Favorite Food: filipino food kinda.. 28. favorite song : i have too many 29. Favorite Television Show: dont watch tv that much anymore... 30. Favorite Radio Station: 1027 1059 1003 and what ever k roq is 31. Favorite junk food: brownies!! lols.... i eummo 32. Favorite fruity love song: i dono 33. Favorite Soft Drink: iced tea 34. Favorite article of clothing: skirts!! SECTION TWO: The Future 1. School: i eummo...some law school i think 2. Where You Want To Live: i still dnno! 3. How Many Kids You Want: 2 4. What Kind Of Job You Want: lawer 5. Song: wat? 6. Car? my dads old mustang... er some bmw SECTION THREE: Have You Ever.. 1. Done Drugs: with teri!! lols j/k nope 2. Run Away From Home: wanted to 3. Hit A Boy: yeahh.! pfshh dont disrespect!! 4. Lied: chhyeah 5. Stolen Anything: yup 6. Broken A Bone: nu uh 7. Cheated On A Test: yea 8. Cheated On A Boyfriend: nu uh!! 9. Gotten Drunk: noppee 10. Been With Two guys/girls At Once: isnt that the ame as cheatin? and NO 11. Been In The Hospital: yes 12. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: yea 13. Fell asleep in the shower/bathroom: lol no 15. Never slept during a night: yeahh 16. Ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: yea.. almost ran over my bro with it too! 17. Been to a camp: no 18. Been in a restaurant w/o ordering: no 19. Seen someone die: nu uh! 20. Gone a week w/out shaving: ewww NO!! 21. Didn't wash your hair for a week: thats hellah gross!! no!! 22. Broken something valuable: no 23. Thought you were in love: chyeah 24. Streaked the streets: haha noo 25. Screamed at someone for no reason: yess... 27. Been hurt by a guy you loved: YEAH!! and i hit him for it [; 28. Stayed up till 3 am on the phone: no but maybe on the comp.. lols junior.... 29. Pulled a prank? yea 30. Made fun of someone? yeah and im sooooo sooryy that i did! Section Four: When is the Last Time You.. 1. Took a shower: like.... 10 mins ago? 2. Cried: when my mom said i couldnt go to parins house!! 3. Watched a Disney move: looooooong tim ago... like a week lols... LILO AND STICH BEOTcH! 4. Given/gotten a hug: everyday 5. Been to the movies: today.. the village 7. kissed someone: yea 9. danced: i dance everyday!! 10. did a survey like this: couple weeks ago? SECTION five: What is... 1. Your Fondest Memory Of This year: i dunno.. theres soo many! 2. Your Most Prized Possession: my room!! 3.Thing That Makes You The Happiest: when im with my homebuds!! achool and parins homies ;D 4. Your Favorite Food For Breakfast: crepes' made by lindsay and tita mayette! 5. Your Favorite Food For Dinner: i ono sometimes i dont eat dinner so yeah 6. Your Favorite Slow Song: i have lots! info. 1. full birth name: lauren olivia copello 2. hair color: DARK brown 3. eye color: brown 4. current height: 5'2? 5. glasses/contacts: nothing 6. birthdate: june 11 7. religion: catholic 8. current age: 13 9. siblings: two lil bros 11. location: la 12. college plans: law i think... or university of hawaii 13. braces? later i think.. maybe nott SOCIAL 1. best guy friend: hermmm.... lemme see.... brock i think... 2. best girl friend: hagover buddy and teri i think... knew them since birth!! lols 3. current crush: not in public.. he might read this... 4. boyfriend/girlfriend: 5. are u center of attention or wallflower:i ono..... sometimes im center thenn im like.. wallpaper lols.... both! 6. what type automobile do u drive: imma get my daddy's mustng!! 7. are u timely or always late: pfshh im always on time!! 8. do u have a job: nu uh 9. do u like being around people: CHHYEAH!! LOVE 1. have u ever loved someone u had no chance with? nu uh 2. have u ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did? yeah frikken miko!! and then teri and brian say we make a "good couple" pfshhh yeah riight 3. do u have a "type" of person u always go after: kinda..... 4. want someone u don't have right now? mmhmm 5. ever liked a close guyfriend? yeah.... but not brock! 6. are u lonely right now? kinda i really wanna see my friends! but im always tlkinto them online so yeahh 7. ever afraid u'll never get married? no not realli 8. do u want to get married? "i do" 9. do u want kids? i want da way u get kids but kids i duno bout goin thro labor 10. would you rather love or be loved? dunno, both FAVORITES 1. room in house: comp room! 2. type of music: too many 3. location for dates: movies... anywhere i guess... 4. memory: too many 5. day of the week: i have three 6.Color: PINK!!!! 7.Perfume brand.. escada.... 8. song: ? month: really dnt care 10. season: summer!! In the last week have you.. 1. cried: nu uh 2. bought something: yea 4. sang: hehe kinda met someone new: yeahhh Gone to the mall: yeah 10. had a serious talk: yeah 11. missed someone:yea 12. hugged someone:yea 13. kissed someone: yea 14. fought with your parents: yea...i think so 15. dreamed about someone u can't be with: kinda.. i think i can be with the person... 6. had a lot of sleep: nu uh yeahh....

(LALA in the kitchen)

[28 Jul 2004|04:28pm]
gonna be away for a whilee........

absence makes the heart grow fonder

(LALA in the kitchen)

im back bitches!! [28 Jul 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | lalala ]

yao!! like yao ming khoz yao ming is f'in hot.... PFSHH!! YEAH RIIGHT! ok so like...imma be usin this again....

<3 lauren!!

(3 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

nvm [18 Jun 2004|05:58pm]

(1 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

livejournal break? [18 Jun 2004|10:09am]
i think imma not write for the whole entire summer....no one cares anyways.....

(8 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

my party thanggg...! [11 Jun 2004|09:32pm]


omgsh i had so much funn!! so where do i start... wells we all met up at baskin robins and jeremy was already there.. my mommy bought a cake whls parin and "half" of his crew came ... they bought some stuff and took forever!!!  so my moomy left and we waited for them... omgsh!!! i saw BOB!!  yeah... so we went there and it was kinda borin fo a while ...... yeah too tha good stuff---------


-------------------  sillay strang!! yeah we screwed up the place we were sittin at....kae... so jeremy and parins "crew" like went out on the stage and danced.. haha... then they sang happy b day to ME omgsh .. sooo embarrasing haha then like we played in the arcade thingy.. after a while we went back ... some guy thats like friends with BOB said " oo yeahhh bob wants to paly spin the bottle with you *holds up a bottle*" im said i want BOB to say it to me... bob comes and seayz" soooo... what do you wanta dooo?" i swear  i think he thinks i like him.. haha!  so like then jeremy had to leave so then EVERYBODY HAD TO LEAVE ugh.... oh wellss  so after we played and siet.. kookie and vaughn were makin out i was like .. uhmm please not hurr..<---- ohh yeahs so gangster!---->  so me and theresa were playing "mission impossible" yeahhyyuhh.. lol.... i got 771 tix yo! any ways yeah brock came later and stayed for like 5 mins... haha.... well now im here at my house with andrew cause kookie and teri left.. urgh he sooo BORING!! lol j/k i loof you!!  ooo yeah when bob left i gave him a BIG HUG!!







° BOB!!! I<3 HIM!

° kookie i ono last name

° vaughn








  yeah and i think thats it... c[=

lov yah like i lov bob


(3 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

[07 Jun 2004|07:35pm]

bday countdown..... four days.... woot woot... what ever

elaine is so preetttyyyy w/her big smile

cant see me ugh im always in the back!

dis is da slow one .. can you see me in like the itty bitty corner??

tahition fast hip woot woot!! im like in the center but patricias i'is are blockin me

can you see me now!?!? yeahyuhh

ugh its mee.... sweating like a pig urgh

oohh yeah chickkkennn!!! samoan style!!!


yeah so there are my pics.. hope you like dem!

<33 i love bob lauren

(1 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

HO'OLAU'LEA:FESTIVAL OF HAWAII [06 Jun 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | my feet hurt ]

omgsh the hoolaulea festival was soo much fun... when i go there it was soo hott!!!!!!! then me and vanessa went to go shopping till it was time to perform... i got a smelly fan at this on place .... she left and then i went with my mommy to get a sarong (wrap) james and joe saw me and said hi.. ugh i was soo sweaty it was friggen hott!.... then i went along with my mom lookin for my sarong... there was a plain white one that was 28.00!! rip off. then i got my byootifull blue one!! i love it... i went to practice behind some rides with my group (haleavelu productions) i had to go back and forth ti the car cause my mom couldnt do it herself... then the people kept changing the times so i was freaking out...these kids in our group had these water guns and there was a guy sleeping on the floor so they woke him up.... hahaha....

then these people started singin and stuff until this one group (literally made up of white anorexic people) in red were ready to perform. no offense to them they were really bad...  they did the same thing over and over ....me,valorie and, aileen were like "oh its on!!" then fo like an hour we were trying to stay alive from the sun..  then i saw teri and abby and shannon..... after that we went to get ready to perform .. then we got our ulis and puilis and got on stage.. i was so scared!! but then again there wsnt that many people so what ever....when we were done we had to go and change into our hula outfite (the slow hula.. the hip shakin is "tahition" or "hula kahiko" ) i kept falling on the thang!! it was so long... then got in to our tahittion outfits which is a grass skirt, coconut bra, tie leaves, and turtle dove shells. i didnt see teri so i got kinda mad at her cuz she left but who cares....

i loved that dance yo!!! especially the end!!! haha... i got dressed after that and went out side cause i wasnt doing samoan... i looked for teri i guess she left.... then people went crazy and gave money to the people on stage.... i saw that guy from the firestation that always waves at the people in the bus.... he scared me.. hes like " and youre my friend!!" im like okay js go along with it....then i saw ashneel then i had to go.... to another show..... ugh my feet are tired.. ill have pics tomorrow i think......


 <333 i love bob!!!lauren

(4 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

[03 Jun 2004|03:47pm]
haly asked me the other day... "who cares about being popular"
its easy for her to say that because she IS popular! i mean.. everyone knows her and look at me ! im like what ever.. pfsh its ohtay....i dont have to be one of his "everone"s do i ? no ... what ever he can have party with out me...


(4 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

survey [01 Jun 2004|04:29pm]
please fill out the following survey when u get a chance to =]

1. hair color -
2. eye color -
3. height –
4. abs -
i took out #5
6. glasses -
7. piercings –
8. scars -
9. eyebrows –
10. big ass or little –
12. Curvy or skinny –
13. straight teeth or gap, or braces –
14. funny or serious-
15. party or stay at home-
16. should s/he cook or bake -
17. should s/he have a best friend –
18. should s/he have a lot of friends that are boys–
19. outgoing or shy –
20. sarcastic or sincere-
21. should s/he love her father ? –
22. should s/he watch sports games? –
23. would s/he be a smoker or take drugs? –
24. would s/he drink? –
25. would s/he swear? –
26. would s/he play with your hair? -
i took out #27
28. would s/he pay for dates? -
29. does s/he kiss on the first date? –
31. would s/he bring you gifts? –
32. would s/he lay under the stars with you? -
33. would s/he write poetry about you? –
34. would s/he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby? -
35. would s/he hang out with you and YOUR friends? –
36. would you hang out with her/his and Her/his friends? –
37. will s/he walk you to the door at the end? –
38. holding hands –
39. dancing -
40. baseball -
41. basketball –
42. football –
43. volleyball –
44. surf –
45. shopping–
46. snowboard –
47. sing –
48. play guitar -
49. play piano -
50. play drums -
51. clean her/him room –
52. paint, draw, sculpt –
53. writes her/his own music -
54.would give you hugs-
55.would kiss you-
56- give you a hug even though your all sweaty-
57. use the word dude -
58. use the word tight –
59. would he watch the sun rise with you -
60. what kind of car does she drive –
61. how old is she - about the same age -
62. what would her/his name be –
63. do you have anyone on mind??-

(7 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

[30 May 2004|11:13am]
Nickname(s): uhhh sexy weffy waffle? trampoline buddy? hangover/hypes buddy? how bout lauren
Initials: l.o.c.
How old do you look? i ono you tell me
How old do you act? YOU TELL ME!!
Glasses/Contacts: none
Braces: nope
What makes you happy? life itself
What upsets you? alot of things...

First best friend: theresa!!!!! hangover/hypes buddies forever!!!!!! <333333333333
First real memory of something: when my uncle ran over my foot when i was a baby
First kiss: eww gross edwardo... bleck!!!!
First screen name: lorlorprincess11 haha ey it was when i was like 9!!
First self purchased album: spice girls!!!! i love htem!
First pets: bunny!!
First piercing/tattoo: ears
First enemy: nataly!!! oo how i hate her!
First big trip: san franciso
First detention: never im a good girl!
First heartbreak: never had one...
First time breaking a bone: never did…
First sleepover: lindsays.. i ono when that was thoh
First hangover: at the movies with my hangover buddy!!!!! popcorn makes us laugh!!! lol!! woooot woooot

Social Life:
Best girl friend(s): theresa!!! duhh !! damnit!
Boyfriend: dont have one at the moment
Hobbies: hula... sleeepp
Are you center of attention?: i ono
Would you rather be with friends or on a date: friends always…
Best hangout: my messy room!! lol theresa

Who- People:
Have known the longest: theresa
Argue the most with: uhh my bros..
Always get along with: theresa
Is most trustworthy: i ono theresa? haha i love her!
Makes you laugh the most: lots of people.. james?jerwyn? ooo calvin!! he so stupid!
Most interesting to talk to: i ono theresa?
Has been there through all the hard times: THERESA!! LINDSAY!! i love you guys!
Have the coolest parents: me!! hahhaahahahha well thats what parin thinks riight?
Is the most blunt: no comment
Is the smartest: shelly and hasy!! friggen "a" students!!
Best Mannered: no one everyones themselves
Best Dressed: i love the way everyone dresses cause they all have their own style!
Most talkative: me... haha
Most Innocent: no one except teri lol!

Car ride: teris carr coming back from parins party
Movie seen: some of you got served
swear word: uhmmm i ono i dont swear that much fucker!!
beverage consumed: water
Person you called: mom
that called you: theresa for her fashion crisis!
TV show watched: prom date mtv
Shower: this morning
Shoes worn: my different colored adidas pimped out by teri and miko!
Item bought: parins b day presant
Annoyance: bros
Web page visited: umm mine?
Movie you rented: i ono
CD you listened to: confessions
CD you've bought: confessoins
Person you were thinking of: someone special

What are you wearing: pajamas?
What song are you listening to?: burn by usher
What's the weather like?: warm
Current obsession: being with one guy
Current Addiction: thinking about this guy
Talking To: no one

(LALA in the kitchen)

parins partay [30 May 2004|09:16am]
[ mood | somewhat happy ]

haha parins b day was cool.... i guess
but all they did was skate and yeh... haha teri member bob?!
well no offense parin or anything...i dnt think that karina really likes you.. you go to her she walks away.... she always on her cell phone... she was "studying for her finals" pfsh yeah right... and anyways shes really ugly and when she sat down she had a plumbers crack haha... she has pimples and she js so uuggllyy!!

had somefun at the end..... c[=


(1 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

happy 100th b day calvin [25 May 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | happy but ashneel hates me... ]

happy b day 2nd cousin .... not uncle tnk you very much.
hope you have a great day!! can you have anymore b days?

well to day was cool....not really

ok yah someone asked som one out..
james showed me his"stay white" handshake
jake gave teri a hug....
suicides in pe
jeremy throws somthing at teri and i get mad at ashneel ...long story
ashneel hates me
seafood city!!! oh yeah baby!!!
thats it..
man i hate it when people dont like me or get mad at me... it gives me a low self esteem...its low enough people!! damn... i get mad at myself .... who knows what wil happen next ya know?

ok be happy lauren


(1 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

happy birthday mom!! one four three!! [24 May 2004|10:31pm]
dear mom...
im sorry that daddy pissed you off today... especially on this special day of yours...
but most of all i wish you happy birthday...and many more to come... but there arent anymore candles left in the new pascket of candles!!

i love you <33* lauren

(5 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

[23 May 2004|08:38am]
[ mood | ughhhh ]

well tomorrow is my moms b day so were eating out today... ill edit later


omgsh i went up to CALVIN and i was all like happy birthday... hes like its not until tuesday ...

haha woops! i told you i was mentally retarded!!

praise nairis mom nairi is stayin!! woot woot!!

haha <33* lauren

(LALA in the kitchen)

bleck [22 May 2004|09:37pm]
okie well i went to hula prctice today....

yay my first ride in the new car!!! haha it was cool.

yah i need help so like help me k? especially you mariam!!!

<33* lauren

(3 make me wannaLALA in the kitchen)

MARIAMMM [21 May 2004|10:13pm]
hahaha i went to mariams hizzouse today.. our chocolate ship isnt working~!!!!! uh oh!

some one really needs to help me ont his lj!! for real!

ok lates im tryin to figure this customization thingy ...stuff ... yeah

<33* lauren

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